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Our History



Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church originated in 1920 under the guidance of Sister Melvina Nelson and Brother Armstrong on Third Street in the City of Cincinnati. This was the first location of the church. After a few years on Third Street, we moved to Longworth Street and from there to Fifth and Stone Streets. It was at Fifth and Stone Streets that Elder Cheatum conducted revival services for us and later became our pastor.

Sometime later we moved to George Street. Elder Akers, our overseer, placed Elder Neal as our pastor. We moved again to West Fifth Street. Our pastor at this location was Elder Peppers. We remained there for a few years.

In later years, other changes were made and we moved again to about three different places on Fifth Street. Elder Akers, our overseer, placed Elder Allen, Dayton Ohio as our pastor.

Later, Elder Allen returned to Dayton and Sister Gainell Pope was placed in charge. After a few years, Sister Pope said the Lord called her to start work in Walnut Hills. Elder Akers then placed Elder Clark as our pastor. We moved to West Court Street.

By this time, the saints were discouraged with the many changes they had endured, and a meeting was called. Elder Akers informed us in this meeting that Elder Allen would return to Zion, and he did. He then helped us to move to Carlisle and Mound Street. After a few years of struggling and suffering, Elder Allen encouraged the saints to buy the building. He labored and suffered along with the saints until this was accomplished, and for many years afterward until the Lord called him from labor to reward.

After the passing of Elder Allen, Elder Elzie Young was in charge for a short period of time. Elder Owen Carter was also our pastor for a short period of time. On February 7, 1950, Bishop Clark placed Elder Jasper J. Phillips over the church as pastor. God blessed Zion Temple to purchase ground at 3041 Gilbert Avenue to build a larger church for the membership that had increased during the past seven years.

On March 10, 1957 we had the groundbreaking and after waiting for more than a year, on July 3,1958, the foundation for the building was begun. The cornerstone was laid on August 24, 1958. The grand opening services were held on June 21, 1959 and the church was officially dedicated by Bishop K. F. Smith, September 27, 1959, assisted by Bishop Ralph Bass.

On July 16, 1973, the Zion Temple family moved from it's former church located at 3041 Gilbert Avenue to The Issac M. Wise (Jewish) Center located at 3771 Reading Road. This move was necessary in order to accomodate our steadily growing congregation, and it enabled us to acquire a larger sanctuary and additional classrooms for the Christian Education Department where God's people would be thoroughly furnished unto God's works.

The historic Isaac M. Wise Center is the present home for the Zion Temple family. The property takes up a full city block. The sanctuary boasts authentic smoked stained glass windows depicting the Feast of the Passover and special celebations of the Hebrew Nation. The building is made of Buff stones imported from the "Old Country" and includes approximately fifty rooms made up of classrooms, restrooms, offices and men's and women's lounges. There is also a full kitchen and dining area, spacious parking and a elevator. The mortgage was burned in September, 1981 and the replacement cost of this facility was estimated to exceed $3,000,000.00 in 1993.

Bishop Jasper J. Phillips
Mother Beulah K. Phillips

Bishop Jasper J. Phillips

Bishop Jasper Jaye Phillips was on born March 10, 1916 in Metter, Georgia. He was Baptized in Jesus' name on December 3, 1933, in the Ohio River and received the Holy Ghost. Bishop Phillips was ordained in October, 1950, and was appointed District Elder in October, 1959. He married Miss Beulah K. Caldwell on May 7, 1936.

Bishop Phillips became a minister for the Ohio District Council in July, 1938 and served as the Chairman of the Southern Ohio District Young People for over eight years. Upon entering the ministry, he began a storefront Mission Church,which he pastored for more than three years in the East End, Cincinnati Ohio.

On February 7, 1950, Elder Jasper Phillips became pastor of a small church located on Carlisle and Mound street in Cincinnati called Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church. He served as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Foreign Missions Board. While serving on the Foreign Missions Board, he traveled extensively throughout the world advancing the cause of Christ and representing the Foreign Missions Department of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

Bishop Phillips presided over the Zion Temple Bible Institute, which he founded in 1975. He also founded the Zion Temple Christian Academy in 1983, a christian day school.

Bishop Phillips went home to his reward on April 2, 2003.

Dr. Beulah K. Phillips

Evangelist Beulah K. Phillips was baptized in Jesus's name and recieved the Baptism of the Holy Ghost on April 1934. She became a member of Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church under the pastorate of the late Elder A. J. Allen and became a member of the ODC in 1938.

Her accomplishments are:

ODC Fellowship License, 1966

PAW License, 1974

Graduate Bible Institute of Cincinnati, 1966

Evangelical Teacher Training Association, 1974

Teacher's Diploma-Child Evangelism, 1960

Moody Bible Institute

Doctorate Aenon Bible College, 1985

Doctor of Philosophy Degree, Grace Apolstolic College, 1992

Her Writings:

"Minister and Wife Activities, ODC"

Zion Temple Yearbook "70 Years of Transmitting God's Transforming Word"

"My Life, Times and Service in Kingdom Building"

"Bishop Jasper J. Phillips-Pastoral Life and Service in Kingdom Building."






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